More and more foreigners like to come to China

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As the economy improves, people with material capabilities are willing to go out and see the bigger world. At the same time, China has also become a tourist destination for countless foreign friends. Sometimes walking on the street, I will meet foreigners who speak fluent Chinese. So when did it start, more and more foreigners like China?

The reform and opening up has just started, and many people with economic strength have an American dream. The reason why the United States is attractive is nothing but high welfare. The economically prosperous China also has the attractiveness of economy, technology, culture and other aspects. Therefore, some foreigners who come to China for travel do not want to return to China and only want to settle in China. As one of China's neighbors, Indian nationals also like to travel to China, leaving a wide range of food, a variety of attractions, and China's good public security environment, so that Indian girls are envious.

As we all know, India has a high crime rate every year, and a large part of the victims are women. I have seen a documentary before. A girl who graduated from college in India was persecuted by several men on the way home with friends in the afternoon. The time of the incident was less than 9:00 pm. The issue of women's security has become the primary problem for the Indian government, but no matter what efforts the Indian government has made, it will not change the trend of high crime rates in India. In order to protect themselves, Indian girls generally do not go out at night.

After an Indian girl came to China to travel, she had a few more layers of goodwill towards China. One of them is that China's law and order is really great! The Indian girl said that even at 10 o'clock in the night, it is still full of people. Feel free to walk on the road, and don't worry about all kinds of security risks. Then the Indian girl said she didn't want to go back to China. Although India is always secretly competing with China, in all fairness, India’s law and order issues are far less than China’s.