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Hi escort provide massage(Nuru massage), bj and sx services, outcall primary, few girls can do incall, if you need incall, call us to inqury. 

We also have high class model, they are more pretty and more expensive, usually 3000-4000 per hour. but they won't let you down, the money will worth the services.

About the massage services:

Massage is the use of the hands and sometimes other parts of the body to manipulate different parts of the body, typically muscle and connective tissue. Massage is the 2nd most popular service in China among female escorts. An erotic massage will normally include other parts of the body such as, but not exclusively, the genitalia.

The massage method acts on the corresponding meridian points of the human body surface, which can improve the function of the organs, enhance the righteousness, and improve the disease resistance. The effect of massage on the organs is mainly reflected in three aspects: First, the manipulation on the corresponding acupoints on the body surface can enhance the function of the meridians, the meridians pass through the organs, which can enhance the function of the organs; the second is that the massage can be adjusted by adjusting the organs. The function is to treat the organic lesions of the organs; the third is to adjust the function of the organs to make the body in a good functional state, which is beneficial to stimulate the body's righteousness and enhance the body's disease resistance.