Why do men like to find escort services?

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Some women say that they don't understand their husbands. Why man always want to find stranger women to have fun, like escort and massage services in china. that's becuase man feel lonely sometimes. Their personality is already boring, and they don't see why. This is not difficult to deal with, lonely men have these characteristics, as long as they find out, it is best not to let him alone! Not only women who are in marriage sometimes feel dull and lonely, but they are lost because they lack the care and attention of the other half. Don't think that two people can get married and stay together. Sometimes, only paying more attention to your spouse can make the feelings of two people last longer. 


1. Do more things, but rarely

Of course, men may not be in love with words to express their ideas. But this does not mean that they are always unpredictable and silent. Even if you have always left this impression to others, the husband and wife are not outsiders. They should be the two closest people in the world who can talk about each other's secrets and troubles. If he returns to his home, facing you as a wife, he still does a lot of things, but there are few words, and it is not the same, but the sudden change from a point in time proves that he I feel that you can't really understand him. He feels that he is very lonely. At this time, you have to communicate with him, not let it go.

2. Few friends to share life

Some men are good or women, and they like to disclose their life dynamics and their views and feelings about the world. In addition to the previous time like Xiaobian, they can also brush their mobile phones and find points. Transmit the forwarding of the sentiment, or think about the feelings of certain things. But now that he is too busy to be indifferent, there is no time for him to see his friends circle. Some men are willing to remain silent, have a low-key personality, but some are actually very lonely. He is in a marriage, but he is not willing to share anything, but he does not think that he has something to make him feel happy.

3. Like a person smoking and drinking

Men like to use some seemingly reasonable slaps to cover up some of their inner feelings, like smoking and drinking. In fact, as long as you carefully observe, you will find that men are actually like children. When they are happy, they like to call friends and friends. Smoking a few people to smoke together, drink a group of people to drink together, that look is pleasant and easy. If he finds that he always likes to smoke and drink alone, and he is expressionless and full of mind, it proves that he feels lonely. This time he is borrowing these things to ease his inner pain.

4. Go home directly after work, rarely socialize

Men generally speaking, whether it is before or after marriage, they are not so family and loved ones. They are social creatures who like to expand their circles through social interaction, so that they can get more opportunities and deepen their relationship with friends. friendship. In short, if you find that your husband is going home directly after work, even on weekends and Sundays, he rarely receives invitations from friends or colleagues. He never goes out on his own, and will not take you out to attend some gatherings. It is not a cold for the communication, which also shows that he is a lonely person. At this time you need to pay attention, be sure to care for him more.

After discovering that your husband has these emotions and behaviors, even if others have not noticed, you can't leave him alone, let him continue this way. Your relationship is different from others. There is no substitute. You have to let the other party understand through action. Even if the world abandons him, you will stay with you and never give up. What is marriage? It is the last line of defense for two people facing the world. It is also a corner that can isolate the world from the wind and rain. Don’t forget it at any time.