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About Chengdu

Generally speaking, coastal cities along the Yangtze River are more developed, but there are exceptions. For example, Chengdu is a city that is not along the river or coastal, but has a very developed economy. The economic growth rate here is very fast, and the people all over the country recognize this city very much. In 20 years, Chengdu’s GDP has reached 1771.6 billion yuan. Even if it looks at the whole country, the results are very good, ranking first. Seven. But even in Chengdu, there are some communities whose status is declining. One community was loved by the rich more than 20 years ago, but now it is eclipsed.

This community is the China Garden. As early as 2004, this community was built. At that time, because it was on the west side of the city and located on the second and third ring roads, the traffic was very convenient and the location was considered the best at that time. The main signature of China Garden at that time was high-end. It is precisely because of this that the China Garden, which takes the high-end route, has become a very popular place for the wealthy, especially attracting many successful people to buy houses here.

If it is the first time to visit the China Garden, it will be amazing, because many of the buildings are in European and American style, with crystal chandeliers, wide halls, tall Roman stone pillars, arched gates and so on. No wonder that 20 years ago, this place would be loved by the rich. At that time, all the cars parked outside the community were luxury cars, enough to prove the identity of the people living in the community. However, this situation did not last long. With the continuous development of the economy, the continuous increase of developers, and the successive launch of various new communities, the original advantages of China Garden no longer exist.

The rich people who lived here have already made more money and moved to other places. House prices in China Garden have fallen, and now they have returned to normal from the high-end route that year. However, the development of things is definitely not static. It is not a rare thing for the Chinese Garden to be envied from the beginning and forgotten by others, but there are bound to be people who feel helpless because of these past events.

Aside from the China Garden, Chengdu is actually a very livable place, and there are quite a few scenic spots to visit here. Take the Dongjiao Memory Hall, for example. This exhibition hall is very large, covering a total area of 1,300 square meters. There are six exhibition halls in the exhibition hall. Each exhibition hall displays the historical memory stories of the Dongjiao area at different time periods. Another example is the Jingsong Oriental Art Exhibition Center, which exhibits some small handicrafts in Sichuan Province, which are beautifully made and worth watching. Do you like the city of Chengdu?